How often do you use right Ctrl? Almost never?

Imagine how offensive it is to the left Ctrl when his brother gets a lovely Q!

You need to help the left Ctrl upset their date and break the plan to the right Ctrl to take her heart! It's good that you have irreplaceable button friends who are ready to come to help you:

The naughty B, who likes to bold everything she sees when Ctrl is nearby.

X is a young maximalist and critic who cuts out what he doesn’t like.

C and V are an inseparable couple who like to find something funny or unusual and duplicate it in various places.

Who to call for help? Which of your friends will best understand what is happening? You decide!

  • Take into account the character traits of the character to choose the right key combination;
  • Remember that only one solution is right;
  • Use the environment so that everything works as it should;
  • Don't let Ctrl kiss the beautiful Q!

It is a narrative game that will be understood in any language.

How to play?

Game mechanics: Point-and-click.

Left mouse button control.

For each situation, you need to choose the right key combination on the screen. Choosing the right combination will allow you to go further in the story. If the combination is chosen incorrectly, the level is not passed, you will have to start the game again.

In versions for Windows or MacOS, you can also control using the keys on the keyboard.

Good luck!

All graphic, text and music content was created by the Dreamtale Games team for GTMK JAM 2020. We created charismatic characters, a colorful world, and voice acting for everything that happens around.






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Really cute concept & art, very original.

I found the puzzle solving a little un-intuitive because it felt like any of the keys would kind of make sense in the situation in some way to help break up the date.

Very cute though!

Thank you for the warm review!


Best combination you can press while playing this in your browser is Ctrl + W xD

We thought about such a conclusion) and also about Ctrl+Alt+Del


Nice Concept! Took me a while to understand that I was matching letters with Ctrl to execute commands. Nice catch! That being said, it's not a a clear puzzle since any of those could have done the situation (bold would make the squirrel giant and would fall on their heads, ctrl X would remove one of them from the date). It was nice to see the results tho. Congratulations!


Thanks for your feedback. Glad you liked it!